Results of the Spring Racing Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring Racing Contest

Today, we are pleased to announce that well-deserved prize awards are already waiting for their winners. But those who didn’t take any place this time should have a little patience and meet fortune face to face in the near future.

CMX Markets congratulates the three winners of the Spring Racing Contest, and we would like to thank all the participants who joined to this event. Therefore, we would like to encourage other participants not to lose your fighting spirit. Remember! If you are unlucky today, you will definitely be lucky tomorrow, because CMX Markets will hold many other contests where everyone will surely become a winner.


Ahmed Hing

Сountry: Egypt
Equity: $13045.50
Gain: +12945.50


Fadi Nawang

Сountry: Malaysia
Equity: $11857.06
Gain: +11757.06


Eric Hillmaph

Сountry: United Kingdom
Equity: $9592.80
Gain: +8592,80

Expect even more contests soon and follow the paths of success with CMX Markets.

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