So you want to trade the DXY?: EUR/USD, USD/CHF

The US Dollar Index (DXY) is a measure of the value of the US Dollar relative to a basket of foreign currencies. The current breakdown of the DXY is as follows: • EUR 54.6% • JPY 13.6% • GBP 11.9% • CAD 9.1% • SEK 5.2% • CHF 3.6%. Since the US economic data on Wednesday, the DXY is trying to push higher through trendline resistance. Some people may want to take advantage of trading the DXY, but don’t have access to it, because it is a not a currency “pair”. It is a currency index. Since Euro makes up over half of the US Dollar index, one can trade the EUR/USD to take advantage of the DXY moves. … (full story)

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