Financial Products

The FX Market

Foreign Exchange or Forex is the largest, in terms of volume, the financial market in the world. Plainly, it is how market participants convert money from one currency to another, that action is foreign exchange trading. More than 5 USD trillions take place every day and that is over-the-counter trading, meaning there is not a central place of exchange like stocks or commodities.

The Commodities Market

With CMX Markets you can trade CFD commodities, multiple energy, metals and agricultural products. Take advantage of the fluctuations caused by the global market and weather conditions. The commodity market is a very liquid market, providing intraday fluctuations and profit opportunities.

All the Symbols are subject to Swap charge after the period of 2 days which means that the 3rd day you will be charged according to the prevailing Swaps rates at that day.

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