CMX Standard Live Account

CMX markets comprises from worldwide trading tools, which will lead you to global financial markets.  One important advantage of Cmx markets accounts is, their flexibility. You are still able to use all the trading symbols accessible to any of your chosen accounts.

In order to provide our traders with an effective trading plan, our Cmx markets experts have designed a competitive trading account.  A Standard Account.

A Standard Account is different by its method of accounting spreads and commissions. When opening an account, the trader has the suitable accounting spreads and commissions. Cmx markets Standard Trading Account is suitable to all kinds of traders.

How does it work?

  • The trader can accept a deal to be settled at the lowest variable spread and without any commissions.
  • It uses the standard trading terms of Forex market

What are the main advantages of this account?

  • The trader can change the trading leverage at any time
  • The trader can deposit a rate that is suitable to his/her needs
  • It allows trading in Mini and Standard tools in one account.
  • It is a flexible account to match every need of a trader.

You do not have to limit your self to a specific type, this way it will give us the chance to trade at different levels.