CMX Demo Trading Account

CMX Markets believe that the best way to learn to trade is by actually practising trading. We know that many people are hesitant to take the first steps in the trading world, because of the risks involved.

We created a Demo Trading Platform, an exact replica of a Live Real Account Platform.  This way we provide you the chance to learn how to trade without losing any money and help you develop trading skills.

By using the Demo Trading Platform, you can explore all the options & features the account has to offer.  Some features you can explore:

  • Live streaming news
  • Quotes, charting
  • Trade execution and account management

The Demo Trading Platform is perfect for beginners looking to develop trading skills but it is also suitable for experienced traders. The Demo account gives you the opportunity to optimise and further develop the approach you have to the Forex Market.

You can test your strategies and see what works best. This is easier to do with virtual money than with real money. Once your strategy is optimised and you feel confident, then you can start trading with a Live Real Account.

Why should I use the Demo Trading Account?

There is no substitute for experience, so we will not pretend that there is. There is only one way to get experience and that is by being willing to learn and start practising. In the process of training and gaining trading experience, you will discover a certain way that works for you.

If you search the web, there are many websites that will tell you how to do Forex Trading. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that and you will profit from it. However, what you read on other websites it is not your own experience. You don’t know how the person who advised you on a certain strategy got to his/her conclusions. So the best way is, to start by yourself from the beginning and learn everything there is to know about the market.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Demo Account or the possibilities, then please refer to our FAQ section or contact us.

Advantages of the Demo Trading Account:

  • Understanding & using technical charts. Firstly, you have to understand how to read them and then use the information to your advantage.
  • Using virtual cash to trade on different markets. This way you can see if your strategy works. Is your virtual cash pilling up? Then you are ready to do some real trading.
  • By using the real quotations, in real time you can improve your strategies without the risk of losing money.
  • Test as many strategies as you can think of. Often the strategy that looks the least feasible is the one that could be the cash cow.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to develop your own (Money Management) risk management system.

Are you interested? Then don’t hesitate and take your first steps of trading by using our Demo Trading Platform, CMX Markets Trader4.

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